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20 Winter Flower Seeds. Get Cocopeat Block Free with Instruction Manual

20 Winter Flower Seeds. Get Cocopeat Block Free with Instruction Manual

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1. Combo prepared to meet Flower requirement for Home garden & terrace garden. Fresh seeds are packed in appropriate quantity and good enough for area of 2000 square feet. 

2. Four Important factor to take care for best results: Full Sunlight, Adequate Moisture, Moderate Temperature, Organic Fertilizer.

3. Fill your landscape with bright colors year after year by planting these beauties. One combo is good enough to beautify your home and garden. 

4. The Growing of flowers necessitates a lot of patience, love, & care. Growing a flower garden is indeed an exciting adventure altogether for those who are really crazy about flowers and growing flowers. 

5. Planting flowers in shared spaces in a community makes environment more attractive and fosters a sense of pride and care in the community's residents.



Product Description

  • Very showy High Impact Bedding Winter Flowers for all beautiful gardens and landscape to keep your garden noticed by all.High Quality Seeds with Germination rate of above 80%
  • Acroclinium 100+ Seeds, Ageratum 50+ Seeds, Alyssum 50+ Seeds, Antirrhinum 500+ Seeds, Calendula 50+ Seeds
  • California Poppy 200+ Seeds, Chrysanthemum 200+ Seeds, Cockscomb 300+ Seeds, Delphinium 100+ Seeds, Dimorphotheca 50+ Seeds
  • Gazania 150+ Seeds, Hollyhocks 50+ Seeds, Iceland Poppy 1000+ Seeds, Marigold 100+ Seeds, Mesembryanthemum 1000+ Seeds
  • Nemesia 200+ Seeds, Pansy 20+ Seeds, Petunia 500+ Seeds, Phlox 150+ Seeds, Verbena 200+ Seeds

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