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70 Variety of Flowers, Fruits, Herbs and Vegetable Seeds Combo

70 Variety of Flowers, Fruits, Herbs and Vegetable Seeds Combo

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  • Flower, Fruit, Herbs and Vegetable Seeds Combo
  • Comes with 10000+ Seeds
  • Comes with 70 Variety


Product Description

  • Fruit Seeds

    The package consists of different types of fruit seeds to grow in your garden. This includes the seeds of muskmelon, watermelon and papaya.

  • Flower Seeds

    The flower seeds provided in the package includes the seeds of various flowering plants. They are Aster, Antirrhinum, Balsam, Calliopsis, Calendula, Cosmos, Chrysanthemum, Dianthus, Dahlia, Delphinium and many other seeds.

  • Vegetable Seeds

    The vegetable seeds include capsicum, onion, broccoli, tinda, brinjal, tomato, peas etc. There are also seeds of many other vegetables in the package.

  • Herbs Seeds

    The herb seeds in the package include fennel Florence, garlic chives and asparagus. You will be able to grow the herbs easily with these seeds.

  • Solid Packing

    All the seeds are packed in a tough and durable plastic box. It keeps the seeds free from dust and moisture when stores in a clean and dry place.

  • Instruction Manual

    A basic instruction manual is included in the kit to help suggest beginners and budding gardeners to set-up their garden in a right manner.


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