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About Us

Only for organic is a complete Gardening store offering flower seeds, Vegetables seeds, Herbs seeds & Flower Bulbs, Pots and Planters, Pest control products, Pump and Watering Equipments, Garden and Home Decor items and much more.

With over 10 years of experience in Home Gardening and Procuring seeds from top breeders of all around the world, each and every product is first tested and checked at the warehouses and then made available for our customers.

We are registered partner with many NGO for their gardening needs and also cater to our customers through various marketplace e-commerce portals and also try to provide the best shopping experience to our customers through our own website.

We keep on introducing new seed varieties and exclusive products so that our customers in India get the best first and their Gardening experience grows to the highest level.

We would welcome your views, comments and thoughts which would help us in making your shopping experience better.

You may mail us your views and thoughts at: