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Mustard Oil Cake Powder

Mustard Oil Cake Powder

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  • Made from high quality mustard
  • Natural color and texture
  • Our Mustard Oil Cake is rich in nutrients
  • Quality of the product is guaranteed
  • Only for garden purpose. Please do no use for food, feed or for processing






Organic Manure
This is an Organic fertilizer that contributes to the fertility of the soil by adding organic matter and nutrients. It contains mustard oil for even distribution and quicker decomposition.

Reliable Fertilizer
This is a quality mustard oil cake powder that provides healthy nutrients and care for the soil. The process of adding this manure is simple and hassle free.

Nitrogenous Manure
This is nitrogenous manure. It enables healthy conditions for the plants to absorb sufficient supply of carbonic acid from the atmosphere.

Solid Packing
The organic manure is packed and sealed in airtight packaging. It can be stored for a long time before use.

Natural Colour and Texture






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